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 Better Digest Support is an advanced organic-based blend of the most effective digestive enzymes that aids the process of digestion, help to improve your immune system, and alleviate some common problems associated with intolerance to certain kind of foods. Produces a daily benefit †

90 Organic Capsules 


Learn More About the Better Digest Support 


This Product is part of the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®



What is Better Digest Support and How it Works 


When food is ingested but poorly digest, it is processed by bacteria that in most of the cases result in problems like constipation, bloating, heartburn, lactose intolerance, or any gut sensibility. 

Since the assortment of food that you consume is highly wide, you want a formula to include several different types of plant-based enzymes to help digest the different foods you eat; This Better Digest Support has a fully-activated formula that acts with different components and enzymes. Believe it or not, many enzyme formulas contain just one type of enzyme, which would be fine if you ate just one type of food, however if your diet includes protein, fat, carbohydrates and/or fiber, you want Better Digest Support® for the variety of enzymes, allowing you to have a proper digestion releasing nutrients for energy production, cell growth, and repair human-health in general.


Top Key Health Benefits of the Better Digest Support  


•    It assists narrow the appearance of gallbladder stones

•    Improves digestion

•    It stimulates and accelerates the breakdown of food molecules

•    It improves liver functioning processing fats

•    It aids weight control and weight loss. 

•    Aim a faster nutrient absorption

•    It leads to better corporal odor.

•    It regulates the sugar production on the pancreas.

•     It ponders functions and operation of the digestive tract from the mouth to the rectum.

•    Optimize the effectiveness of the cleanse that Colon Care is already doing to your overall well-being. 

•    Helps maintain the full-spectrum of Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit® formula and process

•    It is organic, dairy-free, GMO-Free, gluten-free, no sugar added 


Top Diseases Help to Prevent 


•    Gallbladder stones 

•    Fatty liver 

•    Irritated and bloated colon 

•    Colon cancer 

•    Constipation 

•    Stomach cancer 

•    Diabetes 

•    Rectum cancer 

•    Crohn's disease 

•    Polyps 

•    Colitis 

•    Heartburn/reflux

Effective Blend from Natural Resources 


•    Burdock 

•    Dandelion 

•    Ginger (Root)

•    Yellow Dock 

•    Oregon grape 

•    Clevers Powder

•    Milk Thistle


Four Simple Ways to Digest Properly 


1. Exercise regularly -at least 3 times a week-

2. Drink plenty of water on a daily basis -no added sugars- 

3. Avoid lactose –no exceptions- 

4. Eat proper amounts of fiber -Check here Colon Care Fiber®-



† Results may vary



SKU: 079006771092
  • For Best Results 

    Take it before the first meal of the day and before bedtime. 

    If you are taking this product with the Complete Digestive Cleanse Kit® click here to refer to instructions. 

    Check the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®

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