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This Colon Care Fiber® help you cleanse your small intestine, large intestine, and colon of toxins and impacted fecal matter. This insoluble-powerful prime Colon Cleansing Fiber relieves the entire digestive system and helps the evacuation of old-feces regularly and in a gentle way. Because it is a type of bulk-forming laxative, it promotes regular bowel movement relieving trapped air and constipation without creating dependency. Boost your energy, stop feeling bloated, and start having a healthy and normal digestion†.  [Read More]

340 gr (64 servings)


Learn More About the fast-acting Colon Care Fiber®


This Product is part of the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®


How to Use [In 3 Steps]


1.    Have a glass of water every 4 hours/24hrs -8oz minimum- 

2.    Add a scoop or two of Colon Care Fiber to your first glass of water of the day -max12gr a day- 

3.    Drink immediately 


Top Key Health Benefits of Colon Care Fiber®


•    It can decrease blood sugar levels 

•    It may assist if you are out-of-control with your food 

•    It may enhance your mental wellness 

•    It can help to control appetite and aim weight loss 

•    It enables you to absorb the right nutrients from the ingested food 

•    It may reduce and maintain healthy cholesterol levels 

•    It may help diminish the risk of heart disease 

•    Betters sustain the full-spectrum of Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit® formula and process

•    It mitigates almost all Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGD)

•    It is organic, dairy-free, GMO-Free, gluten-free, no sugar added 


Top Diseases Help to Prevent 


•    Diabetes

•    Coronary heart disease

•    Intestinal obstruction

•    Colitis

•    Diverticulosis

•    Diverticulitis

•    Inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn's disease

•    Ulcerative colitis

•    Colon polyps 

•    Constipation 

•    Colon cancer


Some Appealing Facts About Your Colon 


  • Lack of Regularity. The whole process, digestion of food to elimination, should take no more than 16 hours, but the majority of people have depositions every 36 hours, in some extreme cases, constipation can last a couple of weeks. 

  • More important than you might think. The gut represents 70% of your total immune system. 

  • The reason why 30% of Americans are suffering a bad quality of life. Researches state that "Ninety percent (of them) had consulted in primary care and 17% in hospital; 69% had used medication. Irritable bowel syndrome substantially interfered with lifestyle and caused absenteeism," which, of course, it is reflected in the financial wealth of the person. 


Four Simple Ways to Increase Fiber in your Diet 


1.    Keep the skins on fruit and vegetables when possible

2.    Add nuts or dried fruit to breakfast cereals

3.    Take at least one serving of Colon Care Fiber each day with plenty of water

4.    Serve at least one portion of fruit or vegetables at each mealtime


† Results may vary 


SKU: 079006847124
  • As a dietary fiber, take 1-3 tablespoons a day in 10oz of water, stir well, drink immediately.

    Drink plenty of water; there is no exact amount of liquid that a person can be suggested to intake since every single person needs different amounts of liquid. As a start, try just drinking a glass of water 3-4 times a day in addition to what you usually drink. Understanding that glass contains 8oz of water, you should start with a minimum of 24oz extra from your regular doses of hydration.  


      For Best Results 

    Take it before the first meal of the day and before bedtime. 

    If you are taking this product with the Complete Digestive Cleanse Kit® click here to refer to instructions.

         Check the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®

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