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Antiparasitic or Ant-Worm Treatment


This Parasite Free is a very strongly antiviral and anti-leech full-spectrum formula. It is effective acting against harmful microorganisms that affect your overall health. Stop feeding your diseases and get rid of unwanted toxins by using Parasite Free®†

90 Organic Capsules  


Learn More About Parasite Free 


This Product is part of the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®


Why Parasite Free and How it Works?


This Parasite Free blend is a custom-formula acquired by Van Uden Natural Products. It carries some of the most exclusive ingredients such as Pumpkin Seed and Worm Wood -ingredients rarely used by manufacturers of natural products- explicitly composed to attack parasites that are affecting the normal function of the intestinal tract. Parasite Free attack those leeches that are eating the nutrients and impeding some principal organs to receive the nutrients that you should obtain from your ingested food, and at the same time, are delivering dangerous toxins inside the colon. Various organs (such as liver, colon, longs, short and long intestine, brain, muscles) will absorb those remaining toxins. Therefore, a parasitic infection can cause the human body to suffer anemia, organ damage, loss of weight, malnutrition, cancer, and they can even limit your cognitive skills to perform or develop in a usual way. The immune system will be in a constant hurdle to keep your health in proper condition. 

Parasite Free is the best way to help you to stay away from the scope of those microorganisms that are intoxicating your body from the inside-out. Provide your body complete protection from parasites with Parasite Free from Van Uden Center Natural Products. [check here to see other essential benefits of Parasite Free]

Top Key Health Benefits of the Parasite Free  


•    It will support the immune system in its battle against invaders

•    It helps with soothes irritated tissues

•    It will enhance the look of the skin 

•    It optimizes the effectiveness of detoxification that Colon Care is already doing to your overall well-being. 

•    Helps maintain the full-spectrum of Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit® formula and process

•    It prevents and helps with nausea

•    It helps to stops and prevents vomiting and diarrhea

•    It promotes physical development of the body

•    It may assist to improve Cognitive development and skills. 

•    Prevents itching and rash 

•    Prevents stomach pain 

•    It may prevent (unnatural and unhealthy weight loss caused by parasites feeding on you

•    It limits and improves headaches 

•    It may assist you to avoid malnutrition

•    It is organic, dairy-free, GMO-Free, gluten-free, no sugar added 


Top Diseases Help to Prevent 


•    Amoebiasis 

•    Giardiasis 

•    Toxoplasmosis 

•    Worms

•    Trichomoniasis 

•    Neurocysticercosis 


Effective Blend from Natural Resources 


•    Pumpkin seed

•    Black Walnut Hull

•    Garlic

•    Butter Nut

•    WormWood


3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Chance to Have Parasites 

1.    Wash your hands previous to any contact of intended ingested Food

2.    Make sure that the food is very-well cooked 

3.    Drink water from well-known resources -preferable have a Nikken filter at home- 

† Results may vary 


SKU: 079006991094
  • As a dietary supplement, take one capsule before breakfast and one capsule after lunch. 

    For Best Results 

    Take it before the first meal of the day and before bed time. 

    If you are taking this product with the Complete Digestive Cleanse Kit® click here to refer to instructions.

     Check the Complete Digestive Cleansing Kit®

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